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About us


We all know that we are living in the age of globalization. To be more specific, we are the citizens of globalized village. Even few years before there was huge difference between the east and the west, between the north and the south. With the tremendous advancement of science and technology distance between the far off places and countries has been narrowed down. It is a matter of few hours when anyone can travel from one end to another end of the earth planet so cozily. Secondly, the internet and social media have transformed the diverse heterogeneity of race and culture into a single
homogeneity of ideas, feelings and expressions.

In the milieu of socio-economic changes, globally the nature of business, trade and commerce has also undergone unspeakable changes which were unthought-of in the recent past. Today each and every nation has developed more or less particularly in the
realm of business, may be it is simple trade or manufacturing. Bangladesh is no exception. Per annum GDP growth rate of Bangladesh is more

than 7%. Having been greatly inspired by the ongoing business development of Bangladesh and the neighboring southeast Asian countries I personally dreamt of growing tall in terms of flourishing business. Since my early life I have been harboring the nicest dreams of venturing upon entrepreneur ship to establish a series of manufacturing plants, mills and factories which will not only earn money for me but also which will provide employment to thousands of people and supporting their families. With this noble aim at the back of my mind I started initially twenty years before a small enterprise which is customs clearing and forwarding(C&F) in nature
under the name of RSF( Real & Safe for Future).

Today that small RSF has grown to become a continually ever flourishing agro and sweets based Commodity Company in Bangladesh. It is committed to be culminated into the largest agro, dairy, sweets based commodity industry within and outside the world. I must thank my staff, well wishers and patrons who gave their whole-hearted support and cooperation for the company’s achievement without which it was never possible to come at this stage of the company.


It is my great pleasure to speak a few words about RSF Group one of the throwing business enterprises in modern Bangladesh. The managing director of RSF Cargo

Service Ltd. is my beloved father who is the corners ton of the entire business. Basically he is highly patriotic self-disciplined punctual principled and a hand working person. It is by his wonderful way of activates RSF Group has emerged today as anincreasingly growing business firm.

RSF Group started its journey in 1999 simply as cargo handler. Gradually it undertook in some other sister initiatives including C&F freight forwarding, milk processing & dairy products sweets and bakery products all have been greatly successful today.