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When it comes to bongs, the size and build type can create a totally different experience. Smoking out of a straight-tube percolator bong one day is completely different from smoking a beaker. Water chambers are also built differently, resulting in different highs. Users should always switch up their water chambers to avoid feeling bored. Beaker Bongs have wide bases with narrow water pipes. They are styled after classic scientific beakers. You’ll need to decide how much you want to spend on your new bong. You’ll find in our collection a variety bongs with different features, including percolators.

These pieces are individual works of art, statements, and conversation starters. Bongs are a great way to enjoy yourself. You can enjoy a better cigarette experience and express yourself. Hemper carries some of the most popular water pipes and bongs on the market today. We even have our own line of bongs, so find a water pipe you will enjoy. When you shop for a bong at Grasscity.com, you’re shopping from the oldest online headshop.

StayLit Design’s new ghost glass bong came into being in the dark and scary hands of a bong master from LA. This borosilicate snuff glass bong features ghosts as the veil on that night was thin! Capering supernaturally over the surface of this rig, they look innocent enough until the lights go down and then? Clean this 16-inch marijuana vaporizer wine glass (announcement.news) bong with rubbing liquor or water to prolong its life and ensure a high-quality smoking session. StayLit Design’s custom bongs are available in a variety of styles, including aliens and fields of flowers. Pick your favorite piece and create a beautiful, unique collection that reflects perfectly your personality.

Also known by the name round-base bongs these pieces are anchored with a large “bubble”, sphere or sphere shaped base. Although they are less stable than other bongs the chamber can hold a lot of water to provide a smooth, cool flavor. The beaker bong has a flared base that resembles both a test tube and a science flask. The beaker-shaped bongs are known for their stability as well their ability hold more smoke. Acrylic bongs are made of plastic, which is less environmentally friendly. They also weigh less and are lighter on the pocket. There is always a residue left in acrylic bongs, making them less than ideal over a longer period of time.

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