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Glass Bongs are a much better and cleaner way to smoke. They might be an investment but work for quite a long time unless you knock them off. You can find bongs of many different materials. Each has its own set advantages and disadvantages. Olivastu carries a wide selection of materials, brands and styles.

Water pipes filter smoke before it is inhaled. This is unlike the direct, unfiltered hit from a dry pipe. Bongs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Hemper offers many different styles and types of bongs. These include novelty and holiday themed ones. The borosilicate material used to make them is the same as that used in laboratory equipment. It will withstand freezing temperatures and high temperatures. As well as glass, our silicone bongs or alternative materials are designed with heat resistance in mind. These upright beauties do not only look good but also perform very well. They offer a smooth, easy and enjoyable smoke.

We always recommend a bong with an ice catcher and percolators to reduce the heat of the smoke giving you the biggest hit! But wait! If I buy a bong of glass online, won’t it be smashed during transport? We carefully pack each bong to reduce the chances of it breaking in transit. We use bubble wrap of the highest quality to protect all glass and to ensure you receive your bongs without any breakages. Mini bongs offer a discreet alternative for those who enjoy water-filtered hits.

Glass is not indestructible and can crack if dropped from a high height onto a surface with a rough texture. There are other materials available. Each alternative material offers enhanced durability and has its own strengths. If you are looking for a glass alternative, check out our ranges of silicone, acrylic or bamboo bongs.

The water chamber is where the filtration takes place. You can now find bongs made from a variety of materials, styles and types. Bongs can even be used to enjoy marijuana concentrate or “dab.” You can use a glass bong, ceramic bongs and water pipes, acrylic bongs, or even bongs made of silicone. We have a team of dedicated professionals in Los Angeles, California that specializes in hand blown glass smoking accessories. Our glassblowers use only the best temperature for vaping weed glass to create a diverse range of high-quality and unique products.

The silicone bongs are a great option for budget smokers, as well as travel smokers. Silicone bongs are popular because they can be compressed to a convenient size for travel. You don’t have to worry about the glass breaking or falling. 14mm bong joints are the most common.

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