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Bongs have many different shapes and sizes. It is important to consider how the new water pipe you choose will fit in with your lifestyle before purchasing. A mini bong will be your best option if you want something discreet, easy to store and transport. Don’t let the size of the water pipes fool you, these mini bongs oftentimes provide great hits, flavor, and filtration. Mini bongs can be cleaned and maintained much easier than larger water pipes. They are more refreshing, smoother and cooler. Smoke is better than using

Glass Bongs or silicone Bongs are preferred for smoking cannabis. Glass bongs are available in a wide range of colors and shapes. While we know that most of our customers are taking on dried cannabis flowers, there are additional herbs like muslin, rose hips, and skullcap. There are too many choices, confusing jargon, and consumers tend to be guided by what has best margins instead of what is best for them. We do not offer any incentives or rebates to persuade you into purchasing a bong which benefits a supplier.

Once frozen, the ice will remain that way much longer than water, making it an excellent alternative to ice bongs. Herbal cigarettes are a great way to help people quit smoking nicotine. They contain a variety of flowers and herbs, including some that are used to make herbal cigarettes. You will know that it is not pleasant to have water splashed in your mouth when you are using a bong. You can prevent this by purchasing a recycler bong that will keep water splash down. It does this by recycling any excess splash of water back into the chamber.

You must be at least 21 years old to purchase our products. I will use king pipes again. Product arrived quickly, well packaged and exactly what I ordered. Foraging through a plethora of pot products for medical marijuana flower vaporizers (www.pantybypost.com) the perfect stoner gift can be daunting, so we took the guesswork out for you! Here’s a list of the best stoner presents for this holiday season.

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