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These compact waterpipes are also the best portable bongs available. They’re great if you travel a lot. The smaller chambers and bowls of these bongs help you to conserve your dry herbs. The fact that bongs can be used in a variety of ways is one of the reasons they are so popular. We offer a variety bongs, water pipes and other durable materials for sale. Our legendary waterpipes – dabs and rigs – offer the perfect smoking tool to indulge in the life of luxury. Choose from a range that is durable, effective, and sustainable. Ditch the hassle of rolling and smoking doobies and choose the smooth way to enjoy herb.

Ash catchers are great attachments to keep your water pipe free of ash and other smoking byproducts. Silicone bongs can be a great choice for a bong because they are durable, easy to maintain, and don’t break easily. Some say they’re virtually indestructible. Especially compared to the glass bongs. You should still take good care of it to ensure that it lasts a long time. This bong is perfect for those who are clumsy. WEEDO’s innovative designs are unmatched.

Our talented team has spent countless hours curating a mix of bongs unlike any other. If it’s not beautiful, symmetrical, and thick then it is certainly not Badass. We only sell products that meet the standards we set. Badass Glass is committed to providing a secure, safe checkout process and a prompt delivery of your order. A bong with an ash catcher is a great way to filter your bong by preventing debris from entering.

If you smoke both dry herb vaporizer thailand (http://www.press-on.de/allgemein/bongs-rigs-vapes-more-2) herbs and concentrates, we recommend that you get a dedicated dab bong for concentrates and another bong to smoke herbs. Using both in the same bong will diminish the flavor of each. Dab rigs are also typically smaller in size then bongs in order to better condense the flavor from wax and oils.

Acrylic bongs can be a cheaper option to glass bongs. However, they are still more costly than silicone. Acrylic bongs can be the answer for you if silicone bongs just aren’t sturdy enough and you don’t like dealing with glass. They are not shatterproof, but they do have a higher resistance to accidental falls. You can also use water to filter acrylic bongs. Percolators are usually built into bongs, depending on the type. Smoke will travel from the downstem and into your percolator.

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