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No one wants a dirty bong and even less so if it’s someone else’s. Before someone stops by to smoke with you, performing a quick clean will do wonders for the success of the smoke session. Acrylic is durable. It is easy to clean and comes in vibrant colors.

So as you are seeking out the right bong for you, you will want to explore your own personal preferences. Limited Edition — Includes extra artwork, such as: Double-worked 4″ top, large 3.5″ bowl piece, large-sized mushroom, and a 5″ wide single ball base. Limited Edition — Features additional artwork, e.g. Double-worked top of 4″, large bowl piece of 3.5″, large millies and a 6″ wide base. Limited Edition — Added artwork, e.g. Double-worked 4″ top, a large, 3.5″ double-worked bowl piece, millies of large size, and a broad 6″ base. Trident Glass in Eugene, Oregon, USA creates handblown bongs with amazingly sculpted and drawn designs using American borosilicate tube.

From the simple to the complex, the range of glass water bong designs we offer is limited only by the artist’s imagination. Whether they are made of clear glass or colored glass, designs from industry leaders like Dr. Whitestone and Tito Bern mean that you’ll have a conversation piece every time you use it. At KING’s Pipe, we’re committed to providing our customers a unique selection of glass bongs from top-tier American brands, such as Empire Glassworks, AMG, and our own KING’s Pipe Glass. We’ve forged long-lasting partnerships with these manufacturers to offer you premium quality bongs that are available at an affordable cost.

During a visit to his Gardena studio, Gonzales, who hails from Peru, explained, with Lady translating from Spanish, that glass work is in his blood. They started out as basic vessels with a bowl that was inserted. In the 2000s ceramic bong makers have experienced a Renaissance. Smaller businesses have brought back the ceramic water pipe, making high-end pipes that are as useful as collector’s pieces.

This HVY bong has a color-changing thc vapor oil, https://storage.googleapis.com, throughout. Perfect for those sunny day sessions. Standing at 10″ inches in height, they feature a fumed base with subtle stripes and a striped top. Included is a thick, high quality matching 14mm male bowl piece and a removable downstem. Stereo Percolators are percolators for your glass bong or dab rig that features a matrix-style grid pattern of slits. The slits go all the way around the perc, allowing for 360-degree water diffusion.

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