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Glass bongs, on the other hand cannabiss extraction can be more expensive than other materials. They are also more likely to break when not handled correctly. When you’re looking at different materials you might be wondering, how are they different? Glass is known for keeping your herbs flavorful and offering an enhanced experience. Glass bongs are expensive, difficult to maintain, and easily broken. While silicone offers a similar experience, it’s more colorful, often cheaper, and easier to maintain. Silicone can be boiled in order to remove caked on residue, frozen and then broken into pieces or cleaned as normal if the mess doesn’t seem too bad.

Visit our bong size guide to learn more about the sizes of bong joints. It is virtually impossible to take the bong rip if you don’t have a downstem. A downstem connects your bowl with your water chamber so that smoke can be created and carried. A downstem is essential to prevent smoke from filling the bowl. Some bongs have downstems built in, whereas others have removable downstems that make it easier to clean a bong.

Standing at 10″ inches in height, they feature a fumed base with subtle stripes and a striped top. Included in the package is a thick 14mm male bowl piece that matches perfectly and a removable stem. If you love Old School bongs then check out our selection of premium American-made Old School pipes for sale! We only provide American-blown glasses bongs. Our website offers only the best old-school style bongs. There are a number of versions that can be customized to suit any style. If you purchase something from our online store you can rest assured you’re not buying a cheap, glass bong.

This HVY Bong is not only aesthetically unique, with its ribbed tubes and gnarly art, but also ideally suited for use. Size and shape. The balance is moderate and it is fairly easy to grip.

The more intricate pieces such as the inline perc or the fab eggs offer smoother hits, but can be harder to clean. The glass water pipes are the easiest to clean, as they can be disassembled in part. Due to their many percs, they provide excellent filtration. We’re more than just glycerin-based bongs. Percolator bings place a focus on utilizing various styles of percs. Have you ever smoked a bong from a friend and felt out-of-breath afterward?

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