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Glass bongs, or water pipes in general, are very popular. The pros of glass bongs include their durability, high-temperature resistance, and ease of cleaning. Glass is non-porous, so it won’t absorb any odors or flavors that will modify the taste of your cannabis.

Dome prices are among the most basic designs of percolators found on water pipe. These are simple to make and don’t add much to the final cost. Tree percs usually have an inner perc with arms (or branches) coming off it.

They are a great way to enjoy marijuana of all kinds. Silicone water pipes are becoming more popular because of their easy-to-use and unbreakable properties. All of these glass bongs have been made with borosilicate high quality glass, but sometimes a thicker and more durable bong is what you need.

It is important to know the proper way to set up a bong and how to take hits like a professional. Fill the chamber of a bong with water before your customer uses it for personal cannabis consumption. This is necessary for the filtration process. We are proud to have built a legacy of supporting people to live their life as they wish — without fear. There’s good reason why BIO Glass has stood the test of time.

If this describes you, this fall get into the Halloween spirit by purchasing a water pipe that matches your favorite horror movie. Do you see that open area at the top of your bong’s downstem? It’s crucial that your bowl remains firmly in the bong, yet can slide in or out easily for the strongest hits. A silicone bong has also gained popularity because of its durability and design. As the manufacturer of these cool and unique bongs, we can you use any vape pen for weed (vivoalnaturale.com) offer better pricing than most bong companies.

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