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Recycler bongs are popular as well, because they have a chamber for recycling that helps filter and cool down the smoke. When selecting a bong you need to take into consideration the features. It has an eight-slotted percolator that allows for better filtration. The mouthpiece is ergonomically angled as well to make taking a hit easier. This is the bong to get beautifully stoned.

One of the most popular designs is their color-raked style. HVY Glass’s affordable prices are hard to beat, especially when you consider the scientific quality and artistic design of their waterpipes. HVY offers a variety styles, colors, percolators as well as sizes and marbles. With a wide variety of styles and color themes. HVY Glass is a manufacturer of high-quality bongs. Dab rigs, and bubblers are made with German schott or American borosilicate.

Check out our how-to guide on how to clean a bong, whether it be glass, acrylic, ceramic or silicone, this step-by-step walkthrough will make cleaning your bong easy. 420 Day is the perfect time to gather around and share your love for the green. It’s an experience and a way to meet people who share the same values. It’s not only a day of quality sessions but also a way to promote awareness and support the cause.

The easiest way to clean a bong, and the least hassle, is by using a bong-cleaning solution that you can find in our storefront. All bong cleaning products can remove even the toughest resin from a bong with just a few shakings! You’ll either need a bowl, bucket or a container to mix the cleaning agent in. Or you can pour it straight into the bong. It is important to remove all removable pieces from the water pipe before applying any cleaning solution. This will prevent accidental breakage and weed vaporizer pens (s3.amazonaws.com) damage to the bowl or downstem.

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