Dhaka Prime Sweets

Typically, a hoodie weed rig is used for flowers, while a dab rig is used for concentrates or oils. Both have water and provide diffusion for your rips. A beaker bong has a shape similar to a beaker that scientists use in their laboratories.

Percolators bong: If you would like to learn more, please click here to see what they are and how it works. They make your smoking experience more enjoyable by filtering and cooling the smoke before it reaches you. The glass bong has the highest recommendation rating and is the most common bong on the market. Since the 1970s, glass bongs have been the most popular water pipes in cannabis.

Percolator bongs will give you the smoothest hits. These bongs have internal glass components that force smoke through small holes when filtered. This provides maximum surface area contact between the smoke you’re generating and the water in your bong. Something to consider when looking at the bongs for sale on our site.

In these bongs, the base is still filled with a lot of water, but you’ll also find other chambers with percolators, which hold water. In other words, instead of just one water filtration system, your smoke might go through 4, 5 or 6 filters. We carry three of the most popular bongs on market. They blow all their glass on site in Germany and offer some of the top quality glass on the market. ROOR is so confident in their glass that they don’t even bubble wrap it. And, most importantly, they’ve never sent us a broken bong. The UK company hand blows all of their bongs using the highest quality glass available.

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